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NAAATT Pierot Grenade
NAAATT Savannah One Lap, Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain, October 2018

NAAATT Competition Sanctioning

A NAAATT sanction is an official designation issued by NAAATT, which approves the holding of a competitive track & field, long distance running or race walking event in Trinidad and Tobago. The sanction is also a contract, which evidences the event's commitment to follow national and international rules and regulations of the sport and to provide a safe environment for the participants and spectators. Once the event has satisfied the sanction requirements, the event's application for sanction is approved.

Benefits of sanctioning your event:

  • Increased Prestige
    For many events, the NAAA sanction improves the event's public perception. A sanction tells athletes that an event is being run according to applicable competition rules.

  • Calendar Promotion
    Sanctioned events will be included in the NAAA online calendar and be highlighted to distinguish them from non-sanctioned events.

  • Records
    In general, a sanction is required for a record to be set. There are some exceptions to this rule, however.