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Bolt tests positive for covid19
Usain Bolt -

Bolt tests positive for covid19

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JAMAICAN sprint legend Usain Bolt has denied testing positive for covid19. Reports coming out of Jamaica on Monday said the eight-time Olympic gold medallist was self quarantining at home after contracting the virus.

In an Instagram video on Monday, Bolt said, "Just waking up and check social media saying I'm confirmed to have covid19. Did a test Saturday to leave because I have work (abroad). Trying to be responsible so I'm gonna stay in and stay away from my friends. I'm having no symptoms so I'm gonna quarantine myself."

Bolt, who turned 34 on Friday, advised his friends or anybody who has been in contact with him recently to quarantine themselves.

This story has been updated to include more details. See original post below. OLYMPIC sprint legend Usain Bolt has tested positive for covid19, according to media reports out of Jamaica on Monday.

The retired Jamaican, who turned 34 on Friday, is reportedly self-isolating at home.

Jamaica has experienced a spike in covid19 cases recently with political parties campaigning for the country's September 3 general election.