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Colthrust captures Alabama sprint double
200 METRES PERSONAL BEST: Adell Colthrust

Colthrust captures Alabama sprint double

US silver for St Hillaire, Guevara, Serville, Purcell

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Adell Colthrust captured the men's sprint double at the Green and Gold Invite in Alabama, USA, on Saturday. The Jackson State University sprinter won the 100 metres dash in a wind-assisted 10.61 seconds and the 200 in a personal best 21.29.

At the Joe May Invitational, in Louisiana, University of Kentucky senior Dwight St Hillaire finished second in the Men's 400m in 45.41 seconds. Ohio State University's Eric Harrison was third in the men's 100m in a wind-aided 10.20. Akanni Hislop was 11th overall in a windy 10.60. Ayla Stanisclaus was 15th fastest in the Women's 100m in 11.57. The University of Alabama sprinter clocked 24.87 in the 200 for 18th spot overall.

At the Hurricane Alumni Invitational, in Florida, Asa Guevara picked up silver in the Men's 200m in 20.70 seconds. Guevara clocked 46.65 for bronze in the 400. Florida Memorial University senior Shikyla Walcott was 17th fastest in the Women's 100m in a windy 12.04. Walcott got to the line in 24.90 for 18th spot overall in the 200.

In California, Rae-Anne Serville finished second in the Triton Invitational women's 400m event. The University of Southern California quarter-miler completed her lap of the track in 54.66 seconds.

At the Joe Meaker Classic, in Texas, West Texas A&M University sprinter Jalen Purcell secured men's 100m silver in a windy 10.23 seconds. Barton Community College student Marcus Purcell was tenth overall in a windy 10.71.

Camille Lewis was third fastest in the Women's 400m hurdles in one minute, 03.47 seconds. Her South Plains College team-mate, Justin Guy bagged Men's 110m hurdles bronze in a personal best 14 seconds flat. New Mexico Junior College athlete Che Saunders was fifth overall in a windy 14.30.

Wayland Baptist University student Che Lara produced a 48.51 seconds run for seventh spot overall in the men's 400m. West Texas A&M's Ohdel James was 19th in 49.63.

Jalen Purcell was seventh fastest in the Men's 200m in 20.97. Marcus Purcell finished 18th overall in a windy 21.49. Northwest Kansas Technical College freshman Jaydon Moore was 19th in a windy 21.50. Guy clocked 22.14 for 31st spot, while James was 32nd in a windy 22.24.

Devin Augustine finished first in his section and second overall in the Tennessee Relays college Men's 200m in a personal best 21.22. His University of Minnesota team-mate, Kion Benjamin was second in the invitational Men's 100m in a windy 10.62. Benjamin was sixth in the invitational 200 in a windy 21.65. Another Minnesota sprinter, Akilah Lewis finished sixth overall in the college Women's 100m in 11.74.

At the Mets Outdoor Championships, in New York, Ako Hislop grabbed 100m silver in a windy 10.59 seconds. The Fairleigh Dickinson University senior clocked a windy 10.74 in the preliminaries.

In Arkansas, Safiya John clocked 14.00 seconds to claim John McDonnell Invitational Women's 100m hurdles bronze. The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff junior finished fourth in the long jump with a 6.02 metres leap.

Che Rochford and his Arkansas at Pine Bluff teammate, Franklyn Stanislaus were ninth and tenth, respectively, in the javelin, throwing 44.02 metres and 23.94. Rochford was tenth in the long jump with a windy 5.91m leap and 17th in the 110m hurdles in 17.89 seconds. And in the discus, Rochford finished 20th with a 34.59m throw, while Stanislaus was 21st at 31.77.

Kadesha Prescott finished fourth in the South Florida Invitational Women's 100m dash in a windy 11.81. Her University of South Florida (USF) team-mate, Joshua Jacob St Clair was sixth overall in the Men's 400m in 48.09.

At the Brutus Hamilton Invitational, in California, Boise State University sprinter David Pierce finished ninth overall in the 100m and 200m events, clocking 10.95 seconds and 21.95.

At the 44 Farms Team Invitational, in Texas, Texas A&M University freshman Taejha Badal was ninth fastest in the 100m dash in a windy 11.71. Purdue University junior Naomi Campbell was tenth in a windy 11.72. In the 200m, Badal and Campbell were ninth and 18th, respectively, clocking 24.05 and 24.42. Janeil Bellille was ninth fastest in the 400m hurdles in 1:02.64.

At the Jim Click Shootout, in Arizona, Tatianna Martinez finished ninth overall in the 200m. The Texas Christian University (TCU) junior got home in 24.36 seconds.

At the Sun Angel Classic, also in Arizona, Grand Canyon University senior Jeminise Parris clocked 14.27 seconds for 11th spot overall in the 100m hurdles.

In Kansas, Anson Moses got to the line in a windy 14.92 seconds for 13th spot overall in the KT Woodman Classic 110m hurdles. The Cloud County Community College freshman was 65th in the 400m in 53.60.